We’ve all heard of heartbreak hotel, but what if there was an entire city dedicated to heartbreak? The aesthetic would most likely be grungy, with flickering, neon lights and the steady hum of cars flying down the freeway. Apex Manor takes this ideation and transforms it into an auditory exhibition on their latest record, Heartbreak City, released through Merge Records.

Apex Manor’s new album is a moon-drenched dream into the dark; the variances in tracks lead us on an oddly sentimental journey. With its post-punky flare, it’s a dream for fans of college radio. The album begins with the song “Asked and Answered,” a track that hits the ground running with a healthy dose of melodic feedback and a danceable beat. Its delivery is gritty and has a bite to it. The following track, “Diamond in the Dark,” is a pseudo-darkwave-inspired ballad that features slurred vocals. This track would be perfectly overlapped on an anime edit, and it sets the mood and is engaging.

An intriguing blend of technical ability and various influencing ideas helps make this album the powerhouse that it is. Apex Manor can take pride in their name, because they’re one of the apex predators of the scene right now.

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