Bleed to Death
(Xtreem Music)

Sometimes, no matter how fancy you get in life, you just want the basics. A $50 filet with some french drizzle is delicious, but sometimes you want a $5 burger (sorry if you’re vegan; I can’t imagine a $50 tofu dish). That’s basically the deal with Spain’s Aposento and their great sophomore record. The band took 24 years between their founding in 1990 and their solid self-titled debut, and, thankfully, the wait is only three years for the follow-up. Despite hailing from Spain, Aposento’s sound is straight out of the good ol’ USA. The biggest influence is Cannibal Corpse, with dashes of Six Feet Under (naturally) and some New York-style brutality. Bleed to Death is 90s death metal at its purest form. The mix of blastbeat fury and slower breakdowns is generally on point, and the solos are nice, if short and not frequent enough. Aposento don’t really seem to care about silly frilly things like technicality or melody.

Few songs actually stand out, which is to say the record is consistently very good but only rises above that a couple times. “The Divine Art of Torture” features the best repeated riff on the record, and the slight uptick in speed is a nice touch. Also “Bleeding Flesh” is probably the slowest and most brutal tune on here, and is relatively hooky despite its brute force. That said, being constantly in a state of quality is no bad thing. When you want comfort food, the treat should be actually comforting, and Bleed to Death is exactly that. This is great throwback US death metal that hits the spot when you want something heavy, fun, and just a little messy.

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