Asphalt Graves
The New Primitive
(Vitriol Records)

Asphalt Graves is a grindcore supergroup that features Jason Netherton (Misery Index), Adam Faris (ex-War Torn), Brent Purgason (GWAR), and Shannon Lucas (ex-the Black Dahlia Murder).

On their debut album this band of veterans delivers a bunch of raw, vicious, punk-influenced grindcore ragers, that are oddly catchy and ready to start some righteous trouble.

“Vulgar Theology” opens at a doomy pace, that soon accelerates to fast pace. “Who Do You Serve” just blasts from start to finish. “No Feast (Without Cruelty)” throws some hardcore punk into the mix, while the title alternates between high speed blasting and grimy mid-paced parts. “Let It Burn” is 31 seconds of lightning fast nihilism. Closer “Exit From Reality” plays around with dynamics mixing up mid-paced doomy parts with faster parts and back again, to create a dynamic finish to the album.

Most times when a bunch of veterans get together and start a band, what looks good on paper, doesn’t translate to the music. But that is simply not the case here, as Asphalt Graves deliver one rager of an album that is sure to satisfy your need for brutal, grimy jams. (Thomas Pizzola)

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