Desert rock is a genre all it’s own, and can span from bands that are appropriate for radio play to harder hitting doom like Acid King.

Atala definitely have some desert tropes thrown into their music, but they play what can be characterized as closer to a blend of desert atmospheric metal and doom. They are definitely unique, and Labyrinth of  Ashmedai is worth a listen!

Each song on this release seems to build off of the vibe of the one before it, creating something that is not quite psychedelic, but definitely contains elements of dark, desert shamanism. “Death’s Dark Tomb” is the most plodding and evil song on the record, with distinct elements of classic metal guitar married to odd and spaced-out vocals. “Wilted Leaf” is slow, sad and powerful, definitely the go-to ballad on the record.

This is a must-listen for fans of odd, experimental doom and music with a lot of atmosphere.

Purchase the album here. 


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