Awaken I Am
Blind Love

(Victory Records)

Australia’s Awaken I Am are really onto something with their Victory debut (and sophomore release), Blind Love. Passionate, thematic, and sonically engaging, the tracks of Blind Love continue to grow and take over the listener with every spin, getting under the skin and vibrating through the mind for hours and days to come. With a blend of rock, pop, and electronica, Awaken I Am spill out from the stereo as something fresh and exhilarating, melodic and soothing, emotional and difficult…how is it I have just now come across this band? The opener, “Walk My Way”, drives hard and energetic; “Blind Love”, the title track, soars and compels the listener to feel a deep sense of connection; “The Chase” builds and levels with storytelling grace; and “Distance, Distance” plays like a ripple spanning the lake of your deepest thoughts and memories. Blind Love is a win, and one that continues to develop and shape the more it is heard. Don’t sleep on Awaken I Am.

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