Baby Bones are a trio of surf-punkers from the sunny baja region of Louisville, Kentucky. With Dave Rucinski leading the way on vocals while Thomas Burgos and Jason Bradum man the guitar and drums respectively, the three bandmates curtail a grungy and aggressive shade of acid rock. Baby Bones’ first song ever was created in 2016, in response to Kentucky’s attacks on reproductive rights, and the band has been kicking the man’s ass ever since.

The Cure of the Crystal Teeth is a gnarly album – at times a little too gnarly. “Bought the Farm” gets the quick, 17 minute project off to a hot start, and “Pay Us in Dimes” sees Baby Bones riding a wave of shred with more cool riffs and vocals. The level of gnarl Baby Bones brings to the table hits a tipping point on “We’re Done Talking”, where Rucinski’s vocal performance is downright gross.

For the most part, The Curse of the Crystal Teeth really shreds. “Bottom Breather”, “On the Take”, and “Slick Shoes” are all rad cuts as well, containing thrashing vocals, sweet guitar riffs, and vigorous pounding drums underlying the mayhem — making for a fun song everytime. With a super rad, albeit swift album, Baby Bones make their point and deliver a collection of worthwhile tracks in the process. For fans of Fugazi, Queen of the Stone, or Black Sabbath, Baby Bones is definitely a band worth looking in to.

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