Bad Galaxy

Listening to Brooklyn based musician Alexis Pastuhov’s debut as Bad Galaxy is like observing an artist as he attempts to discover his sound. The album presents Pastuhov performing in a number of styles, the majority of which end up sounding unsuited for him. The rock and electronic influenced tracks are too paint-by-numbers for me and appear out of place in conjunction with the more acoustically flavored material that dots the album and best demonstrates Pastuhov’s talent in my opinion. At times, the production recalls to mind a number of hokey late-’90s tropes, and the entirely self recorded album shows the weakness of digital throughout. It’s not bad music by any means, just bland and too scattered for its own good. Pastuhov is a fine player, but I get the feeling that he could benefit greatly from the input of other musicians and better production. Perhaps, also, a refocusing toward his strengths, which is simply just his voice and guitar. Standout tracks include “Strangers On The Avenue” and “Bad Thoughts.”

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