If there’s one thing going for Bad Mojos, they’re the blemish on the refined, cultural aesthetic Switzerland holds in the public perception. A country that’s known for its neutralism, awe-inspiring landscapes, precision watches (along with timekeeping in general), a prestigious banking system, the Red Cross, and world-class confectionary is unlikely to publicize its swelling underground punk scene, a scene that’s opposite to the bougie aesthetic the country presents itself to the world and has done for some time now.  

NEWS FLASH! Where there’s beauty, there’s also a seedy side, and usually, its a little more interesting than what’s on the surface. Bad Mojos is this and so much more (in the making at least)!

These three come from a small town called Thun, a picturesque city in the canton of Bern, secluded by the majestic Alps and situated on the banks of the crystal blue Lake Thun. In some weird, fucked up scenario, a town like would be the last place to catch three ski-masked mongoloids playing the raw, basic punk rock in its most primitive form. Thun, in all its conservative outlook, would not tolerate this. There is no place for such heathen music in our quarters!

Or is there?

Apparently so; these three are here in full force with their first full-length of “hits,” or them telling it like iss with song titles outlining what must be a typical weekday for these guys. Yes, there is no cathartic expression or motif in I Hope You OD, only a knee-jerk reaction sound, and from the likes of it, this isn’t a band that cares for the broader context of things.

I Hope You OD is ten tracks of buzzsaw, three-chord punk rock that’s highly reminiscent to what The Spits and The Ramones have cut a career doing. Basic. Raw. Unhinged. Mongoloid Rock. That’s a compliment as well; keeping it simple (stupid) is vastly underrated.

Clocking in at close to 20 minutes, this is more than enough time for a distracted and fidgety brat to grasp their noise while being on their phone the whole time. When stacked against their past recordings, I Hope You OD‘s production is more refined than their previous EPs in part due to their being paired with garage punk maestro Lo-Spider, helming the job to add some shine to their frenzied, lo-fi garage punk.

Wait, what about the album? What about it? It’s as primitive and furious-sounding as its title implies. What else can be said about taking the description in paragraph two and applying it to such track titles like “Baby, I’m Doomed,” “Police Car,” ‘I Hate,” “Too Drunk,” and more!

Every track on this release is as bare-bones punk rock as it can get, and that’s refreshing (again, keep it simple)! “Commit A Crime” is the only upbeat-sounding track on the album; it even has a guitar solo, and the most anthemic-sounding piece is the concluding fist-pumper “Everybody Hates Me.”

Rage on boys, and you as well. 

Purchase the album here. 

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