Since their first radio-hit single “Cardiac Arrest” and debut album Language & Perspective, the four-piece, Los Angeles native band instantly struck fans with their upbeat and simplistic tune. Since 2014, Bad Suns have evolved their sound into a universal language as they now head into their third record release, Mystic Truth, through Epitaph Records.

Mystic Truth embodies the simplicity and positivity of life that one can mold even in times of uncertainty and fear. The album title comes from Bruce Nauman’s 1967 neon-and-glass piece that spells out “The True Artist Helps the World by Revealing Mystic Truths.” The record starts with “Away We Go,” a simple piano melody that quickly introduces the upbeat, synth-infused guitar tunes and Bowman’s vocals. “It’s about learning how to make decisions for yourself and sometimes just going for something and blindly trusting that it’s going to work out,” says Bowman.

Through the pop-inspired tune, “A Miricle, A Mile Away,” to the sentimental reflection of love, “Love By Mistake,” and the empowering message to stay grounded with “Hold Your Fire,” Mystic Truth taps into life’s unpredictable moments. The record in full is inspired from the synth-pop melodies and roaring vocals that aspire you to inspire; it’s majestic and free.

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