While it feels particularly odd to commend a psychedelic stoner rock band’s focus, From Beyond are far from the typical. Their hypnotic and addicting debut, The Band From Beyond, commands my attention in an almost supernatural way. Given the band’s obvious appreciation for surreal Lynchian horror (hello Twin Peaks references), it makes sense that there’s much more than initially meets the ear with From Beyond and their sound. Taking cues from a whole host of heavy rock groups (Torche, Queens of the Stone Age, He Is Legend, The Sword, Soundgarden, and Baroness, to name just a few), these 14 tracks take you on quite the impressive and expressive journey.

However, no matter how stoned or spacey things ever get – and, boy, do they ever get gloriously out there – the name of the game is always focus. Whether it’s the punk-n-roll of “The Slip” and “Machine Gun” or the doomed out “Black Mirror” or “The Color Out of Space”, the proof is in the pudding. These songs seriously stick with you in ways few debuts ever dare to. The Sword’s Bryan Richie’s clear-as-clean-mud production is perfect for the sprawling sonic stew that From Beyond conjure up. I haven’t even gotten to how cinematic the record is, as the numerous synth interludes actually serve a purpose rather than just adding dead air time. The John Carpenter soundtracking episodes of Twin Peaks feel only accentuates the eerie aura that radiates from every pore of this record.

From Beyond’s majestic sonic witches brew is a real winner, as The Band From Beyond gleefully plays up the band’s influences and personal favorites to great effect. Their fuzzed-up heavy rock sound delivers a joyous listening experience without needing illicit substances to maximize the enjoyment. This group of Texans are the real deal.

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