The Barstool Preachers
Blatant Propaganda
(Pirates Press)

A young ska-punk outfit from across the pond, this first album from The Barstool Preachers embodies everything about the genre that we love, i.e. catchy brass energy, socially aware wordplay, and a positive attitude. While at times the band rely on a heavier street punk sound, there’s just as much reggae influence, and a creative and fun use of keys that provide plenty of variety from track to track. Clear, undeniable nods to both The Clash and The Specials exist here, and on occasion to frontman TJ McFaull’s father’s band, Cock Sparrer, but The Barstool Preachers have refined their sound to a degree that is certainly all their own. Comes with a digital download, and a stunning gatefold, too.

Purchase Blatant Propaganda here.



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