Bear Hands
You’ll Pay For This
(Spensive Sounds)

Bear Hands are part of a potent experimental indie rock scene in NY (Brooklyn predominantly); however, it’s a more reigned in album that finds the band in such a lovely place. In many ways, You’ll Pay For This is the inverse of fellow Brooklyn band Yeasayer, in that instead of channeling the weird and subverting the inherent pop influence, the band’s third album sees them going all-in on big, hooky jams. There’s enough oddities sprinkled about, but Bear Hands have definitely eased back on the more experimental moments to craft their most cohesive record yet.

In fact, this album is just a joy to listen to, with its pulsing bass-lines, hide-and-seek synths, and arena riffs. It’s an album that feels like quirky and more confident, and it’s a style the band wears well. The album is about recognizing the changes that occur when you pass from “old enough to drink” and “adult”, so it’s fitting that the album prefers a more singular focus. That laser-locked view allows for one of the easier listens from an indie rock group in quite a long time. It’s stripped of needless BS and pumped full of meaning and momentum. It’s not quite all killer, as there is some filler, as some of the second half gets a tad less enjoyable, but overall, this is one remarkably enjoyable record. (Nicholas Senior)

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