Beast In Black play incredibly triumphant power metal on their newest album From Hell With Love. They go so far into their vision of a grandiose musical world that their music even becomes danceable at times, and not just if you squint at the album long enough. Electronic beats that feel drawn from the same time period as some of the most familiar power and thrash metal make repeated appearances throughout From Hell With Love.

The effort does not feel dated, however. For a heavy metal record, it’s almost surprisingly listenable, which sets even the most disinterested observer down a path of curiosity. As one means to that end, the band only employ clean, and at times almost operatic, vocals, but their music also centers around a fairly distinguishable and digestible core.

They never go too far off the deep end of musical experimentation or even nostalgia and make their songs feel out of place in the clear category they operate in as a band. Instead, the songs feel perfectly suited to stick to listeners who are into seeing just where some of the most classic strands of metal can go these days.

Their riffs’ flavor alternates between familiar relentlessly forward motion and some darker undertones that keep the album grounded. They utilized elements like the aforementioned electronics only in service of the broader vision and not in place of it. Interestingly enough, the overall tone fits the album title quite well, and both “hell” and “love” make themselves known on Beast In Black’s newest record.

There’s somewhat of a narrative sense when making one’s way through the album, but it’s not overwhelming to the point of demanding all of the listener’s attention. They can easily enjoy the riffs and the way they blend together, too.

There’s some familiar, ragged journeying to be found on the album, but there are also occasional feelings of despondency and even fitting depravity. Perhaps, you could consider From Hell With Love as a distinctly modern brand of power metal which fits both in the present day and as part of longstanding musical traditions while remaining just off-kilter enough to warrant intrigue.

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