An outfit spearheaded by Michael Ciravolo (of Human Drama), who released Finding Beauty In Chaos last year, this remix version features appearances by members of Ministry, The Cure, The Offspring, and many other producers and deejays who rework Ciravolo’s songs in their own vision. 

“20th Century Boy”, featuring Al Jourgensen, starts the listen with the screeching industrial/noise mashing that we’re used to from the Ministry frontman, though some semblance of pop accessibility runs beneath the onslaught, and “Man Of Faith” shines, too, with its moody rock thanks to Wayne Hussey (The Mission) and Simon Gallup’s (The Cure) contributions.

Elsewhere, “Un-Natural Disaster” moves with a thundering atmosphere where Ice-T, Zakk Wylde and Dug Pinnick are all in attendance, while the acoustic “Storm” turns down the volume for Ashton Nyte’s (The Awakening) gentle interpretation that’s heartfelt and moving. 

With so much talent on hand here, each track takes on a new path, and deeper cuts like the mysterious and soothing “I Will Follow You” leave an indelible impression thanks to Evi Vine’s soft, expressive vocals, and her later ‘Eclipse’ version of the same song offers a dark presence in a beat heavy, introspective fashion. 

Though one need not to have heard the original album to enjoy these interpretations, don’t be surprised if it leads you to seeking out Ciravolo’s earlier work. And while post-punk and gothic sounds comprised the original album, this version brings us countless other ideas on board while still keeping the spirit of Ciravolo’s debut album alive.

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