Australian musician Joe Sukit keeps it raw when he rips off riffs on guitar. There’s no frills and no nonsense, just genuine electricity when he strums his pick through the strings. An excellent example of this is Sukit’s old band Royal Headache, a soul-punk act from Sydney that melds the styles of The Jam and The Ramones with the beauty of Motown. Recently, Sukit continued this trend with Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys and their sophomore album Rot that was released on November 10 on three labels: bandmate Nic Warnock’s own label R.I.P. Society Records, New York indie label What’s Your Rupture? and the U.K. based label Agitated Records. There are various similarities between this band and Royal Headache’s material along with there being noticeable differences.

The production quality of Rot is much like Royal Headache’s 2015 sophomore release High. It has a lo-fi aesthetic that sounds like it was recorded in a basement. What set the album apart is that the level of angst is raised to new heights. The vocals are intense and emphatic due to his tendency to yell more. There are fast-paced rhythms and a boatload of energy being exuded. It’s an album that’s ideal to spin at a party where people want to dance on the living room floor.

“Work Again” is a musical representation of the life many people lead when they have a job they hate. There’s a scream for independence while confronting the reality that the bills have to get paid. Very reminiscent of Royal Headache’s structure is “Stunned”. There’s a vintage pop aesthetic along with a sweet guitar solo finishing the track off. A prime example of the fast-paced rhythms is “Company” with the drumming serving as a stellar foundation.

There’s a great garage rock scene burgeoning down under and Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys are another awesome band from that talented community. Rot is a type of album that has a sound contradicting the title. It’s abundant with life and each song has the tendency to excite the senses. Grab a copy of it and give it a listen. These Aussies might just be that next fantastic rock & roll band the ears have been craving.

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