Our Undivided Attention

As Nashville continues its evolution from Bro Country capitol to a safe haven for bands of all ilk looking for cheaper alternative to New York and LA, groups like Benchmarks are helping to speed up that change. The trio, led by Todd Farrell Jr., who also plays guitar in Two Cow Garage, plays a familiar, but still impressive brand of indie pop.

Our Undivided Attention, a follow up to the band’s 2015 The American Night EP, shows the group moving into a more comfortable vibe that can be heard on songs like the slow burn “Girls And Boys” and “Days Are Slow” and on faster fare like “I Never Thought.”

There are moments across the record when the band slips into some genre clichés and start to sound like just another band looking to recreate a Jimmy Eat World songs, but those moments are fleeting. Overall, Benchmarks are growing into a band confident to strike out on their own path.

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