Between You & Me play the kind of pop punk that brings to mind old school All Time Low, Mayday Parade, and Yellowcard. Their label debut (and first full length), Everything Is Temporary, is a quick dose of pop punk goodness. Tracks like “Dakota” and “Good Intentions” pack that anthem-like punch you can’t go without; “Friends From ’96” slows things down a bit to show the band’s ability to expand within the formula; and “Move On” takes a twist on the typical break-up song by apologizing rather than complain.

However, as much as Between You & Me do right here – it is, ultimately, a very enjoyable record – there are a couple areas where they could have done better. For one, it’s too short. Ten tracks, and one of them is only an interlude of sorts. So it comes and goes too quickly! Throw on a couple more next time, even if one has to be a previously released single (like “Overthinking” of 2017).

Also, circling back to that minute-long song…the band dropped the ball with “I Can’t Help It.” It could have easily been turned into a great track that expands upon a crooning introduction. Instead, the band passed up the opportunity, and that just stings.

Lastly, there’s more than a minute of dead space after the final track, and for what reason? The thirty seconds of forgettable vocal tuning over piano that follows seems incredibly pointless. Still, Everything Is Temporary is a fun record with a handful of excellent tracks (even if the album title can be taken too literally).

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