Beyond Grace’s take on death metal reminds me a lot of Becoming the Archetype. Mind you, this English band doesn’t sound exactly like BTA, but you could say they both borrow the same, ahem, archetype for quality death metal: it’s somehow technical, progressive, and melodic at the same time, yet it never forgets that part of the fun of playing death metal is engaging in a bit of old fashioned brutality from time to time. All of those themes are put on quality display in the impressive title track that opens the record, as Seekers flies out of the gates in style. It’s a sweeping, grand tune that shows that the band are wise far beyond most death metal debuts in understanding how to craft songs that are immediately arresting while containing just enough nuggets to keep you intrigued through future spins.

The album never really dips in quality, though “Oracle” is notably weaker than the rest. Beyond Grace offer up a fantastic and impressive debut that is quite the harbinger of quality to come.

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