While the electric debut from Biblical was all garage rock intensity and stadium-sized energy, the sophomore effort from these Canadian psych rockers finds the band taking a decidedly different direction. While we’re still in the same ballpark on The City That Always Sleeps, it feels like we’ve gone from the infield to the outfield; this album contains a much wider sonic palate. While Biblical’s debut was more of a fist-pumping, visceral experience, this new record is more of an experienceThe City That Always Sleeps moves about different styles: sludge, psych, garage, Hawkwind-style classic rock, yet there’s always momentum. No matter how much Floydian drone enters into the equation, Biblical inject enough cinematic scope into even the spaciest of fugue states to keep things consistently interesting.

Ultimately, The City That Always Sleeps is a winner because while it’s fueled by retro-fitted nostalgia, Biblical’s latest psych rock adventure is so focused and damn mesmerizing that the record becomes pure sonic joy for those willing to go along for the ride. Admittedly, some of the hazier parts will be a tough sell for some, but these Canadians are too talented to let down the listener. There’s enough variety smile-inducing shenanigans not to enjoy. The City That Always Sleeps is the rare psych rock record that’s a delightful trip even without the aid of chemicals (don’t do drugs, kids).

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