The Birth Defects are a bunch of guys who couldn’t care less where their niche resides, they’re born to rock, and that’s all we need to know. Their competitive edge is a silver lining where the sugary eccentrics of the Burger Records crowd conjoins with sonic hostility heard on albums like Blood Guts and Pussy (Dwarves) and Hornet Piñata (Didjits). No joke, these guys can play with anyone from the road dog sweethearts in The Coathangers (a tour even!) to the heathen-tastic riff machine, Pins of Light. They even secured themselves a main stage appearance at this year’s Punk Rock Bowling, do I have your attention now? Seems like Ghost Ramp likes these guys, as the two entities remain in a working relationship with the release of their newest slew of music, the Everything Is Fine LP. The title alone is a mantra for the ages, especially now. Everything is Fine is some well-polished garage punk delivered in a sardonic tongue. A step up from the thrash punk sensibilities featured on their debut, The First 8 Mistakes (also out via Ghost Ramps) but not a departure from their nihilistic musical ways.

From the oxymoronic album title, the pseudo- abstractionist illustration, the mainstream career killing band name (hah!) to songs like “Fucking Love” and “I Should Be Dead,” everything about this band is irony and antagonism rolled into one. Their profile is will get a raise thanks to Ty Segall’s involvement with the production of this record and kudos to him for keeping their aesthetic in line with the new wave of scumbag rock. Singer/guitarist, Jason Finazzo sounds like a bath salts-induced Gary Floyd (of The Dick’s fame, you asshole!) as the man hell rides his trachea for 19:00 straight with hopeless times versing (“Everything is Fine, Everything is Fine, EVERYTHING!”) on the “Endless Pain” track to the concluding chaos featured on “Lost Control.” The only solace from the frenzy is the 3:17 of the lysergic “dream-like” (saying liberally) comedown of “Sunday Morning Mantra.” If you’re a fan of groups like The Meatmen, Zeke, Cocaine Rodeo-era Mondo Generator, and Raw Power…this is your speed.

The Birth Defects are the way and Everything is Fine is what you should keep telling yourself, hear it and believe.

Purchase the album here.

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