Dark, melodic, powerful and above all, furious, the latest record from Black Moth totally rips, and presents a cohesive narrative that explores feminist themes.

Anatomical Venus, the title, is inspired by wax models, a perfect image to sum up the objectification and dehumanization that much of the lyrics deal with. The themes throughout the record, as well as the heaviness that lives on within each track and the compelling cover artwork, all come together to form a memorable and palpable album.  Although their first two offerings were strong, this is by far their heaviest and the most polished.

Every moment of the record feels natural, even though there are definitely some stand-out songs.  “Sisters of Stone” is such a damn good title, and also one of the heaviest tracks by Black Moth to date, with amazing guitar work and memorable riffs. “Screen Queen” is dark and methodical, taking their doomy, rocking sound to a new level.

If you’re a fan of catchy, riff-heavy doom with smart, resonating themes, check out this record now.

Purchase the album here. 


Addison is a Denver-based writer who focuses on metal, cannabis, underground music and LGBTQ issues. She has also written a book, Wicked Woman: Women in Metal From the 1960s to Now, which can be found here: https://www.amazon.com/Wicked-Woman-Women-Metal-1960s/dp/1501021079

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