Possibly one of the more varied (read: eccentric) releases of late 2017, Black Wail’s Chromium Homes has a lot going on at once in the best possible way.

On first listen, Chromium Homes appears to be doom-inspired classic rock album with science fiction-themed lyrics. But looking a little deeper, one can see all kinds of odd and interesting influences on the record. “Thee Ghost” is one of the strongest songs on the album, tapping directly into classic, proggy vibes with keyboard licks and cool vocals. Overall themes on the record appear to be toxic waste, mutants, and other problems specific to New Jersey, the group’s homeland.

There are a couple moments on any record with so much going on that feel a bit confusing. Whenever too many influences are sticked together, grooves inevitably get lost and tempo changes take listeners by surprise. But Black Wail manage to arrange their signatures and progressions in a way that still works for the less finely-honed listener, and keeps the groove going.

A fresh take on the throwback genre that transcends cliches and offers up some fresh and unique music, this is not a record to be missed for lovers of prog, doom, and classic vibes.

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