Blackbird Hill
Midday Moonlight

Blackbird Hill serves a plateful of hard-hitting, heavy blues with a sort of a “straight out of the hills” feel, to it. Of course, the hills in question being those scattered throughout portions of the Appalachian chain. Fuzzed out, grungy, hard rock that is true to the roots of the genre. Straight Stratocaster laced hard rockabilly with the distortion at full blast. There’s also an unmistakably swampy, Delta feel to the grimey blues on certain tracks. I would say that Blackberry Hill keeps the spirit of Southeastern Rockabilly and proto-punk, alive and well in their latest album. The fact that they hail from France notwithstanding, even a Southern boy like me will give them a pass.

The name of the Bordeaux-based garage duo draws from folklore and ghost soaked paranormal prairie history. The legends of the ghost of Blackbird Hill go back at least as far as 1849, but thanks to Blackbird Hill those ghosts will continue to haunt. Speaking of haunting, the sound of the two voices blending backed by heavy, dark blues is about as haunting as it gets. If you’re in the mood for some good old hard rockabilly, you could do worse than heading towards Blackbird Hill for some “Midday Moonlight.”

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