Metal combining multiple genres can be hit-or-miss and often messy, but Blackwater nail the balance perfectly on Weltgeist Corrupted.

The German band pull from all kinds of influences on their debut album, from the obvious black and death metal and grindcore, to even a bit of slam. But rather than sounding like a mashup of genres and sound, Blackwater expertly blend their influences into one seamless creation. The album is brutal and blackened, and moves easily from slow, sludgy riffs to fast and frantic without missing a beat. Everything, from the cover art and content to the specifically-engineered chords, seem to be carefully chosen in order to produce a blistering record.

“Incentives for Cruelty” starts things off with a chugging, take-no-prisoners intro, and then launches into the title track, possibly the most memorable song on the album. The theme is clear on this record: a dark distrust of the world at large, and a hatred for corruption. “Conspiracy Terrorist” is possibly the most ripping song on the record, with a lot of raw, punk energy despite the brutality.  The album wraps up with “Free From Sin” and “Clonal Expansion,” two tracks that leave the listener wishing there was more.

This record is a must-listen for anyone interested in the grimy, blackened underbelly of extreme metal, and anyone looking to check out some unique metal from an up-and-coming band. Highly recommended!

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