If you’ve been around for awhile, you might recognize Blind Idiot God as a brief SST band in the late
’80s. More akin to Minutemen or Meat Puppets, the instrumental trio worked plenty of sophisticated
influences into their bizarre version of punk. Undertow, their sophomore album, arrived in 1988, and
solidified their unique place in the world of underground rock, and even brought in John Zorn on
saxophone, which certainly wasn’t the norm in the circles they traveled.

In preparation for a new album in the works, this reissue of Undertow brings us the original 10 tracks
plus 3 new/rare ones. Often times a meshing of wild noise rock meets progressive hardcore, there’s also
restrained moments of languid, jazz influenced ebbs that help illustrate the immense talent present.
Heavy on grooves and even with a powerful funk version “Alice In My Fantasies”, fans of all sounds
between rock to punk to metal will be impressed with the precision and delivery here.

Although a vocal-less outfit, longtime fan Henry Rollins contributes to the bonus material, providing
muscular vocals to a couple of driving, scorching tunes that alone are worth the price admission. I
know we’re all understandably focused on The Messthetics right now, but Blind Idiot God should also
be on your list of must hear instrumental bands right now, starting with this reissue.

Purchase the album here.


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