Blood Feast
The Future State of Wicked
(Hells Headbangers)

Summoned from the fathoms of Cocytus, and brought back to this mortal plane, Blood Feast return after twenty seven years of dormancy. Blood Feast disbanded shortly after their third LP. The group began in 1985 and transfixed audience through three LPs and a tour with Death Angel. 1999 witnessed an individual reunion show. But 2007 was when Blood Feast gained momentum. Now ten years later, the perpetual motion birthed the desire for new material. And it’s killer. The revamped line up, Adam Tranquilli, original guitarist, steers the ship. Lorenzo, bass, and Natalini, vocals, came on board in 2010. In March of 2014, with the addition of guitarist CJ Scioscia and drummer Joe Moore, Blood Feast hit the True Thrash Fest 2015 in Osaka, Japan with Exciter, Hobb’s Angel of Death, and Game Over and, Hells Headbangers’ own festival Hells Headbash Part 2 in Cleveland, Ohio. Blood Feast spew old school metal with a new energy. Embracing new production sounds without sacrificing the old formula, Blood Feast absolutely slay on The Future State of Wicked.

Blood Feast has been including the opener, “INRI” in their set for years now. The ripper deservedly sits up front; thrashing about with sinister guitars and precision drums. The production unleashes a grand riff, establishing dominance immediately. Seething vocals tear while the music pushes and pushes. A sick lead gets the head banging; varies sections elevate the songwriting. Now, when I mention the production, if I say, “modern” do not over indulge in my definition. Visit the canon of Blood Feast; the classic EP, Face Fate, from 1987 and the LP, Kill for Pleasure, also from 1987, are maniacal metal meticulously written and executed. But thin, tinny recording impact the final product. 1989’s Chopping Block Blues is an average record with some weird writing choices, mid-tempo parts and some half-Halford singing; ultimately suffers due to the production being dismal, even in a genre which worships old demos. Here, we get the perfect balance of old school feel, no compression or fancy filters, and modern nuances which make the musicians abilities clear and powerful.

Being sentimental with music – in general, not necessarily for Blood Feast – I look at a band with only one founding member and wish they changed the name. But listening to The Future State of Wicked, this is the spirit and sound of Blood Feast. The youthful energy injects power instead of detracting from the legacy. Natalini’s vocals, honed since 2010, are extremely strong and mirror the original feel of Blood Feast records – hell, maybe better. Blood Feast continually blaze forward, no mid-tempo meanderings here – save a sludgy, glorious breakdown in “The Underling”. Baseline is breakneck speed. Even the guitars handle gnarly tones matching a motivating bass. Low end grit matches early Sarcofago and Sepultura and Slayer. “The Last Rites” opens with brutality, colossal riffs and thrashing rhythms. “By the Slice” is another vicious winner; as is the fiery “Remnants II”. Truly each track stands out. The album has no experiments or doldrums, while still having a fresh feel and vitality to each of the ten tracks. The looming guitar tones and feral delivery under honestly frightening vocals with alive feel to the recording; all elements conquer.

RIYL: Exhorder, Morbid Saint, Razor, Rigor Mortis, Dark Angel

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