Blood Tyrant
Aristocracy Of Twilight
(Iron Bonehead)

Since its early Quorthon-ic, en-Venomed beginnings black metal has – much like Shub-Niggurath – birthed a thousand bastard children and genres of varying shape and species. While the Netherlands’ Blood Tyrant is definitely not the little genius at the family reunion, certainly not the preteen beauty pageant winner. What Blood Tyrant is, however, is the one you want on your side once the annual football game/drunken brawl commences. Sitting surly in the corner, wearing a Marduk Those Of The Unlight shirt, and waiting… begging someone to start some shit.

On the scuffed boot heels of early 2016’s cassette demo Night Of Blood Moon, debut full-length Aristocracy Of Twilight is two-man mayhem the likes of which Darkthrone doesn’t bother with anymore (for now) and many couldn’t produce if they tried. Well, maybe that’s the problem – too many trying to manufacture the type of gnarled, knotted roots bestial roots blackness that comes natural to Blood Tyrant. You either have it inside, or you don’t.

While ”Dawn Of A New Supremacy” didn’t exactly light my pyre, the double-barrel of ”Undying Iron Will” and fulcrum of the album ”Barbaric Wampyrism” brought me back to the days of the aforementioned early Marduk, a smattering of Satyricon’s dark medieval mysticism tossed into the cauldron for good measure. ”Engulfed By Purifying Flames” is a riff’n’rhythm slugfest leading into the repetitive – and too short, if I’m being honest –”Inertia Meditation”, putting the cap back on the bottle of Aristocracy Of Twilight.

At just under a half-hour of playing time, Blood Tyrant knows what it wants, knows what it is, and plays to its strengths. Haughty, yet consistent. Imperial, yet filth-ridden.

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