The album Les Avatars Du Vide is the debut from Blurr Thrower, a black metal band from Paris, France committed to evoking the bleakest sonic atmospheres.

Although it is only two tracks, Les Avatars Du Vide achieves a truly epic sound. Among my favorite aspects is their use of interlude, like on “Par-dela les aubes,” where around the 10-minute mark percussion and vocals drop out of the mix leaving a pair of gloomy and distant guitars to form a bridge before an absolute assault of crushing despair finishes the track. However dark the instrumentation is, the acid, gargling vocals go further, pressing the album’s mood below the surface, far away from the light.

Blurr Thrower’s two songs are each really long. The opener reaches nearly 19 minutes in length, and the second, “Silence,” comes to 17-and-a-half. However raspy and noisy the band comes across, they’re really adept at using space to offer glimpses of mood. Halfway through “Silence”, the track slowly dissolves into this miasma of desperation, stopping with over seven minutes to go, silence tempted with a single, shrill tone before it crashes back.

Viewed as new entrants to the atmospheric black metal world, Blurr Thrower fits in well with their contemporaries. The band are excellent song writers (however similarly the two tracks here are constructed), and they seem capable of navigating their ambitions in the genre while keeping a hat tip to tradition.

As far as atmospheric black or doom metal goes, Les Avatars Du Vide should dredge up from the bog bottom onto your early-year play list. Considering that this is the band’s first record, my fangs salivate at the idea of where they’re taking this.

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