Some of the most affecting artistic work can prove polished and familiar enough to get heard, watched, or whatever else, and then excitingly and intriguingly subvert expectations once arriving at an inward point. That’s where the new Born Of Osiris record, Sumerian Records’ The Simulation, feels like it fits in.

The release is the first of two the band planned for 2019, taking after a precedent Between The Buried And Me set in 2018. The record can feel short, but that’s not necessarily a drawback, and there’s plenty of meat on these bones to satisfy the listener while also leaving them hungry for more. The riff-driven, almost surprisingly emotional closer “One Without The Other,” for instance, feels like a potent injection of lifeblood into the band’s corner of the music community, although ultimately it’s just one song.

The band play what’s ultimately a unique-feeling brand of music, despite presenting itself in familiar packaging. Fundamentally, they’re noisy but focused, delivering whollops of energy via harsh, screamed vocals and instrumentation that could be said to be equally “screaming.”

On The Simulation, Born Of Osiris continue to distinguish themselves with artistic flourishes that aren’t always associated with their style of brutally heavy “-core” music ranging from truly effective, synth-driven passages to some majestic, almost classic metal feeling riffing.

Ultimately, if there’s a “power deathcore,” this band’s work just might be it. It feels like in their latest incarnation, they really zero in on the fundamentals of their craft, never straying too far from their center but letting their music prove that much more enriched in the process. They’re brutal, biting, and focused, while still remaining accessible as Born Of Osiris, at least for the listener already familiar with this style of music.

Yes, the band members play music that could sometimes easily be categorized as any one of the big -core genres out there, but they do a really effective job with it and leave their own mark on the genres in the process. They’re a technically proficient but noisy band who sound ready to be listened to and demand heavy music fans’ attention.

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