Bottle Rat
All My Friends Are Animals

For any adult that grew up with the sounds of Lookout Records as the soundtrack during their days as a Chuck Taylor wearing brat, completely green to the game of life, the new record entitled All My Friends Are Animals by Pittsburgh, PA’s Bottle Rat will evoke those memories to your conscious. All My Friends Are Animals is their first proper release and in staying true to the punk ethos, the nineteen tracks clock in just above 20 minutes and the content which rounds out the record is defined in the cover itself, skateboarding, suds and self destruction!

All My Friends Are Animals is a catchy record that doesn’t change many directions throughout the playing time. Cuts off the LP such as “Problems”, “Parasites” and “Leave It Behind” are meant to be chanted at the bar in unison with band and patrons and “Rock n’ Roll Idiot”, “Officer Jones”, “5 AM Friends” & “It Was A Good Year” will eventually be the soundtrack to some kid’s arm being snapped in a skateboarding accident.

If you’re a fan of groups like The Queers and JFA, Bottle Rat will be your new speed.

Purchase the album here.

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