Boygenius present a fundamentally-new-yet-familiar, soft, indie rock sound and personal feel on their debut, self-titled EP.

Prominent singer/songwriters Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers, and Lucy Dacus are behind the work, each maintaining their own impressive body of material that has attracted them a fanbase. The three of them have crafted something remarkably fresh from the midst of their respective paradigms, introducing their own sensibilities to the mix while keeping the project unique.

Put another way, it’s striking how the musicians, despite their at least partially strong stylistic associations, crafted a work that stands solidly all on its own in boygenius. The work feels like it encapsulates the spirit necessary for that feature, utilizing careful but full song structures to push the listener forward, in a sense.

The songs aren’t lazy listening in the slightest. They flow along with the listener, vividly recreating the thematic and musical visions held to by each of the artists behind the work when it first went to paper.

That’s definitely one of the hallmarks of each of the three behind this work apart from boygenius: clarity. The artists know where they’re going, and they’re not too keen on stopping and meandering. That aspect feels like part of what makes their work special and stand-out.

Although they’re deeply careful and thoughtful, they’re not just meditative. They don’t get stuck in the associations of soft, singing-driven music and stick to circling around the same either melodic or thematic concept time and time again.

Instead, they go forward. In their own way, the artists are confrontational, both on their own and together as boygenius. They’re here to gently but firmly confront the listener, and, it sounds, to gently but firmly confront what sits inside them in their own emotions, inspirations, and drives. Each artist contributes some vocals to the work, sometimes together and sometimes on their own.

The meaningful and personal aspect of the artists’ work flourishes broadly in boygenius. Their debut EP doesn’t present a universe to get lost in as much as it presents a metaphorical person, complexities and all, to sit down and have a friendly conversation with. Sometimes we all need a friend, you might say.

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