The California-band Bracket’s ninth studio album encompasses everything about upbeat punk. Bracket is a bunch of misfits, and you can hear it in their lyrics as well as the music on each song. They are not true punk and not pop, either. They just do their own thing, which has been working for them.

Too Old to Die Young takes inspiration from The Beach Boys, and you can easily tell by the melodies from songs like “Canned From The Food Drive.” The sound has a California beach vibe and has the root of punk music with “poppy” harmonies. Each song is short and sweet and makes for a very tight, coherent album.

The themes of the album focus heavily on the title, Too Old to Die Young. It pokes fun at the saying “live fast, die young,” because the band has been together since 1992. The lyrics from “Warren’s Song Pt. 29” clearly reflect this. It says, “Slow down and live / Been forgotten many times / I can’t keep up so I’m slowing myself down / Waiting for a change of pace.”

Bracket’s sound has grown but still maintains the sound from earlier tracks such as “2rak005.” They know what works, and continuously make music that is carefree and fun to listen to. This album is a lot more straightforward than some of their others and focuses on the themes throughout the whole album, so they also know how to improve their sound as well.

Too Old to Die Young is an album that is just as carefree as the people who wrote it, and the sound is one that reflects a vibe similar to The Beach Boys. 

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