Brad Peterson
The Ellipsis Album

A truly DIY effort where Chicago’s Brad Peterson recorded this in his backyard shed while playing all instruments to songs he penned, as well as engineering and mastering them, it’s even more impressive is that this album marks a return back to music after a spinal injury left him partially paralyzed.

Undeniably fun indie-pop with banjos, harmonicas, acoustic guitars and a good mix of plugged in sounds , Peterson’s sincere pipes guide us through heartfelt and dreamy tunes that get real close to folky-Americana on occasion. With memorable vocal melodies and universally relatable storytelling, it’s hard to figure out why someone with such songwriting prowess is so obscure, though if there’s any justice out there what won’t be the case for long. Peterson has clearly reached a great point in life, and this album should make your day better, too; “Clap Your Hands” just might be the feel good song of the year.

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