Brian Cullman
New Year’s Eve
(Cosmic Trigger)

A quick EP of varied work from longtime musician and producer Cullman, the sounds here traverse breezy organs, piano solos and quirky rock fun before moving into a more tense, lush, retro-rock feeling where guitar solos complement the strong vocals. In the middle Cullman’s previous band, OK Savant, with Vernon Reid (Living Colour), contributes “The Book Of Sleep” recorded live at CBGB’s. The sound here is incredible, and illustrates Cullman’s ability to wear many hats within the genre of rock. It’s a more riffed filled venture, with New Wave tendencies, but still undeniably ’80s in its origin. The EP closes with “I Know”, a tune that sounds tailor made for Cullman’s time on the tiny island that provided the impetus for this release. Breezy and warm, there’s a gritty island flavor running through this exit.


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