Alabama’s BrokenRail are the kind of hard rock act that has enough potential to see them in such familiar circles as that of Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin, Shinedown, Godsmack and Disturbed among others. In fact, you may have already heard these guys on ESPN, NBC Sports and Tony Hawk’s RIDE Channel. Considered post-grunge, you already know what you’re getting into if you grew up around that radio rock scene of the early ‘00s where these guys fit just perfectly. From listening to just these three tracks, I can already tell you that we are looking at the next big thing in commercial modern rock music. BrokenRail are the next Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin, Shinedown and similar – these guys will give you something new to chew on as far as that scene is considered, especially if you’re tired of hearing 21 Pilots and Five Finger Death Punch songs marathoned alongside classics from Nirvana and Green Day. This EP only offers three tracks, but they’re so chock-full of hits that the listener an immediately sense a sort of radio-friendly quality. Not only does the record have a high-quality production value, but to me it just feels like the first three tracks on a soon to be chart-topping full length album. That can’t actually be any further from the truth, as the full-length album on which these will later appear has been delayed and will hopefully be in your hands sometime next year.

All of the familiar qualities of radio rock are apparent here, which include hard-hitting down-tuned bass riffs, background screams and a frontal focus on the choruses. It is definitely formulaic, but it is very much what sells albums and I can’t argue with that. In fact, the band only released this album because fans went to their shows and couldn’t purchase any physical music from them. They badly wanted a copy of several of these songs and will now finally have that opportunity. What’s more, is that the band recently shot a video for the album’s single “Walk Again” which you can check out right now. The record itself is also available on iTunes, just in case you’re already interested enough in the disc and don’t want to wade through any more of my yammering. I know to some people that this can sound more than just a little plastic and formulaic, but that is corporate rock in a nutshell. If you’re looking for something more complex, you more than likely know where to find it. But if you’re just looking for some simple hard rock music with strong sing-along choruses, this will be right up your alley. BrokenRail are definitely a radio-rock act that are on the cusp of exploding, there’s no doubt about that. I will have to add that I found the other two tracks, “Memory” and “Save Me” to be a bit more interesting than the “single” they decided to shoot a video for, but I kind of expected that.

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