The Nature of Being New
(Innerstrength Records)

Bungler step out of the isolation of Buffalo, NY with their third album. A sonically diverse and challenging album, The Nature of Being New is the band’s offering on Innerstrength Records after two self-released albums. The album is chaotic and rife with off-beat, mid-tempo brawlers. This album is heavy, raw and spastic. Hidden among the noise are killer breakdowns and some tight riffs.

The Nature of Being New moves and moves quickly. The head nods and fists clench for all nine tracks. The caustic energy hits bone quickly. The band’s ugliness is worn as a badge. Severely intense, screamed vocals deliver condemning, pleading lyrics. Big chunky guitars are tethered to thinner guitar lines that pulsate in rhythm. The drums pound away at as each song breathes like a Cronenburg organism. There is some machination, like on “Rotting Fruit” with some layered static and drum machines add texture and the feeling of a failing program, disintegrating.

Emotional and frantic, The Nature of Being New is an engaging record. There is no image in Bungler, this is pure sweat and snot. “Drowning in Oil” is tough and chunky, rivaling any tough guy metalcore for beatdown parts. “In God We Trustfund” – not only a great title – is a brutal track. A thrashy riff, sparse and inviting, beckons pit mongers with windmills to try their best. It jumps ionto a more straight ahead riff in part two, before releasing al hell. Furious opener, “Finders Keepers Takers Leavers”, sets the tone immediately with rampant noise and infectious guitar parts. “Ex Wheels” is a gripping track. “Opia” is a bigger sound, grand and expansive. The slow parts help feather the closing if the album.

Many of these tracks have fun with audio and studio whistles while remaining organic and raw. This is an energetic, and distinctly unique album. The vocals are perfect, coarse and provocative; never filtered or clean. Bungler obviously came to challenge notions and themselves. Their talent is abundant. I truly enjoy this sound.

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