Burak Ozmucur
A Distant Light

Born in Istanbul, Turkey, but now living in New Jersey, Burak Ozmucur is a solo artist who wants to express all the things that he enjoys, in both music and production. The music he releases is a mixture ranging from melodic/atmospheric rock, progressive, and ambient music and draws influences from bands like Alice in Chains, Pink Floyd, Tool, Deftones, and Porcupine Tree.

You can hear the resemblance to Tool on these four tracks, but not in a way that copies them, more like has the same heaviness as them, but still manages to be its own beast. What a beast these four tracks are now…heavy, throbbing, pounding, atmospheric, and exciting are some of the words that describe the music contained on this EP. The band has made the double bass drum sound a lot heavier than a ton of other bands out there right now who make it sound so flat and hollow, these drums are heavy, and the fat bass just adds to it. The tight guitar playing adds the right amount of flash and never gets carried away, and the vocals sore in the right spots and stay grounded everywhere else, but they never fail to connect with you. Although being a progressive band, the songs never seem to go on forever or meander too long, they are relatively compact and I really thank them for that, because too many bands just go on and on and seem to try your patience with the flash that they try to put into the songs, these guys have flash, but are conservative about how much to use. The most progressive track on here is the last track, “Expectations” which is gentle and raw at the same time and has a nice spacey feel to it.

I was quite impressed and amazed that I got so into this EP and hope that they will get more music out soon. This is the kind of progressive music that can get people turned on to that style again and hopefully the public will go out and give the band the boost that they deserve.

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