Connecticut post hardcore stalwarts, Cable, return after a 10 year a hiatus, with another new line up, featuring only original member bassist/vocalist Randy Larsen and a killer new album that’s one of their best to date. It’s another unlikely resurrection from a band that has made unlikely resurrections their m.o. since they began about 20 years ago. 

In fact, the history of this band is one littered with many lineup changes as well as stylistic changes. Originally, they started out as a noisecore band, but every new album would find them tweaking their sound a bit, pushing it into different sonic territories. In the past, they’ve added sludge metal, stoner rock and noise rock to their monolithic sound.Take The Stairs To Hell finds them mining a sludgy post hardcore sound that suits them quite well. In addition, there is an added commitment to songcraft, that makes the album one cohesive, hard hitting listen. 

​”It Cost Me Everything” opens up the album proper with a nasty downturned riffed and Larsen’s raw throated bark. “Black Medicine” runs grungy sludge through post hardcore guitars, tacking on a short solo at the end. “Low Man” is 2:59 of urgency, battered drums and corrosive guitars. “Eyes Rolled Back” and “Rivers Of Old” keep up the up balance between punishing sludge and dirt-encrusted post hardcore. They close out the album with the instrumental “Come Home” which ends it on a calming post-rockesque note. It’s a bit of sonic balm for the listener.

Once again Cable has managed to come back from seeming oblivion, stronger than ever. Take The Stairs To Hell is a fantastic record that finds the band in top form. Enjoy it while you can, because knowing this band, you never know when it might end. So, get with this today. 

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