We Came From Wolves
Haunt Me EP
(Heart Out Records)

The emotionally charged Scottish rockers in We Came From Wolves hone their craft quite well on their new release, the Haunt Me EP. The songs on Haunt Me appear deceptively weak, deceptively because while they don’t necessarily pack a fully formed hard rock punch, they still rope you in. Even at that, the songs do feel, in fact, harder and even darker than those on some of the band’s previous releases. This EP includes an occasional screamed line, while such lines are close to non-existent on previous work from the band.

It’s hard to pin down this band, and that’s a great quality – they are in a very listenable category to themselves. They are among those bands – like the omnipresent Brand New – who use simplicity to their advantage. The songs connect with you; they don’t sound experimental and they definitely aren’t erratic, and in that simplicity, thanks to the very listenable vocals of the band’s lead singer, Kyle Charles James Burgess, something that listeners of emotional hard rock will likely find themselves quickly becoming fond of emerges.

Haunt Me isn’t going to sock you in the gut, so if you’re here for that sort of music and that sort alone, you might as well leave. However, what the band will do is inspire you with their emotional lyrics and catchy hooks. The more you listen to the release, the more it sticks with you. It’s an uplifting and pleasant release.

Lyrically, the album is about love and loss – something you’re lying if you say doesn’t strike a nerve. On the first track, Burgess sings, “I want to make sure you spend your days with me… you said to me, this will never get easy!” There aren’t really any overly complex metaphors, which only some bands can pull off; instead it’s simply emotion refined to the point of being applicable to an array of situations.

The lyrics feel as though they carry the melodies along on this release, which helps it stick with you. The guys in We Came From Wolves are talented, and if their talent doesn’t smack you in the face at first listen – honestly how much talent really is that simple – keep listening.

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