A year ago, Cane Hill released Too Far Gone, an album of raw, blasting emotion. It was rough, gritty, and thoroughly energizing in a way that solidified the band as an act to follow. Now Cane Hill has returned with a hard left turn, but it’s one that fans should make an effort to embrace (because, well, it’s worth it).

Kill the Sun is a semi-acoustic record that plays sonically, atmospherically, and poignantly throughout its six, moving tracks. The title track (and single) is probably the most memorable with its self-destructive confrontations and desert-searching mood, but each entry of Kill the Sun is a worthy competitor.

The opening track, “86d – No Escort,” brings a simple yet engrossing introduction to the album, one that swims through the listener like a lazy day drag, and “Empty” coos like a demon luring you into its trap. At its core, Kill the Sun feels like a stripped-down yet honorable collection of leftover material from Too Far Gone.

If the band can carry these sonic vibes into their next heavy release, blending the two styles throughout, then they could easily record a downright demanding album worthy of top-ten lists. As Too Far Gone stood, they were already close; these atmospheric musings could be what puts them over the edge the next time around.

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