I trust we’re all on the same page here as far as Temporary Residence Ltd. being the home of legions of sprawling, creative post-rock, right? Six years since his last record, Daniel James, aka Canon Blue, returns with more greatness from the staunch label, this time in a very personal recording of anxiety and depression.

With that said, it’s then surprising that, on the surface, this album’s full of melody, club friendly nods and is aligned quite well with the current state of pop music. But lyrically it’s a downcast affair, as James’ falsetto tell tales of a mind grappling with its existence and dismantles thoughts in a cathartic, confessional manner. Layered in bedroom electronica and carefully constructed indie-pop, there’s still a dark post-punk lineage running through this, despite it being one of the most accessible and stimulating albums from the label.

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