Can’t Swim
Fail You Again
(Pure Noise Records)

Now a fuller band, Can’t Swim has returned with their debut LP, Fail You Again, and it’s quite glorious. Going beyond the aggressive and mournful sound of Death Deserves a Name, the new collection shows an expanded formula fueled by various sequences of punk melody at its finest. Split between faster and slower moments (“What’s Your Big Idea” vs “Quitting”), and all the in-between (“Hey Amy”, “Stranger”), Fail You Again covers more than a fair amount of ground in its twelve tracks, creating a well-balanced and accessible record for new listeners. Though songs like “We Won’t Sleep” and “Friend” feature some of the most hard-hitting and memorable moments, the album as a whole is one you’ll want to keep on replay. LoPorto’s vocals have become smoother (without losing their gritty edge, mind you), while the instrumental structures have become larger and more rhythmic (thanks to the members added post-recording of Death…); as such, Can’t Swim have made an already infectious sound even better. Fail You Again is everything we wanted and then some.

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