Sangrar Hasta Lograrlo
(Tenacity Music)

While blasting Swiss juggernauts CardiaC’s newest record Sangrar Hasta Lograrlo, (in English: roughly, “Bleed to Achieve”), I immediately thought of Finland’s extreme metal fusionists Stamina. Both bands utilize a sort of native tongue (CardiaC sing in Spanish, though they’re from Switzerland) to spice-up and cross-pollinate a plethora of distinct heavy metal systems. Each band arrives at a very exacting sound that is as perplexingly weighted as it catchy and dynamic; and both groups, to their credit, have a biting sense of humor—making everything that much more fun.

There’s a lot of groove coalescing in CardiaC, and just the right amount of impenetrable heft to make the whole soup they cook a real hefty stew. On Sangrar Hasta Lograrlo, the band rages through various structures and blueprints—moving and shaking through a sea of numbers with twisting and spiraling whims—it’s a lot of fun, with a lot of head bangers.  The band sets their sights towards Saturn with opener “El Sonido de una Generacion”, and never looks back. Spherical and mystical, the song invites the listener to enter the void that is CardiaC: a totaling hardcore behemoth of existential fun—all sung through a buoyant Spanish lens.

For standouts—the album’s third track, “Los Fundamentos de la Perseverancia”, is perhaps the headiest of all songs. Inner extremity combines with soaring absolution in this beast of a number: connecting the grabby and the particular, while moving full-strength towards that great vastness in the sky. Super progressive, lightning fast, with sharp speed-metal riffs, you’ll be jamming this one over and over.

“Si Dios Fuera una Metafora”, the album’s fifth track, is a colossal of melodic-infused variance. It’s the kind of song that immediately makes you sense the intricacy of friendliness (or family-spirited realm) the band counters in. Its parts are all equal in diction—reaching a sort of Queens of the Stone Age by-way-of Gojia-riding in a boat with Devin Townsend-along the tropics where Joe vs. The Volcano took place—kind of dimension. It’s a nice journey: savory and fluxing.

“La Sal de mi Dolar”, the seventh track, delights deep in the pocket, hitting tough and gingerly around the middle, while showing an expansive brain. It builds muscularly, flexing abundantly with subtle melodic hues. The constant exposure to CardiaC only leaves you wanting more, and with each new song a basket presents itself; one of dense structure, and rigid form.

“A Contracorriente” sprints at you with straight up hardcore. But this is a unique hardcore —a particular brand, with a particular beauty—that is purely CardiaC. The juxtaposition of forms—with the very particular voice of front man Ricardo Chimichanaga— is what sets the band apart. Molded in a hardened transparency with a swift Latin swing, songs on Sangrar Hasta Lograrlo fall from one another in perfect unison, as the album moves from fist-pumpers to proggy-grunge to whimsical equilibrium.

Sangrar Hasta Lograrlo simply crushes it. From top to bottom it stings with a brilliant urgency: comical, melodic, technical, progressive, punk, and just flat killer. The album is a riff-infused anthem for the whole lot of us chilling in 2016. It’s a party—in an intellectual sort of way.  The fact that I don’t really speak Spanish only makes the whole thing more present and alluring. I’m jamming it all week! Puto asesino! (Christopher J. Harrington)

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