Carousel Kings
Charm City
(Victory Records)

Lancaster’s rock outfit, Carousel Kings, have actually been around a while now, but chances are Charm City (their fourth original full length, and first with Victory Records) will be your initial introduction to this talented group. In fact, labeling them a “rock outfit” is simply too, well, simple. Carousel Kings show a variety of influences on Charm City, creating a wonderfully diverse and expertly crafted record in its thirteen strong tracks. Starting with “Grey Goose”, the band immediately launches into an arena-like amount of energy, making their arrival one of intensity. Though this collection is one of many highlights, “Here, Now, Forever” is definitely one of the other ultimate standouts; smooth, calming, and emotional, the song is one that will move the listener physically and internally. The sweet, loving “Unconditionally” and powerfully charging “Fractals” are also show-stoppers, although, again, every track here is one to love. Charm City displays many facets and emotions in its healthy run time, easily covering the spectrum and keeping the listener thoroughly engaged. If you are someone currently unfamiliar with Carousel Kings, it’s time to change that.

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