Old Fires New Frontier
(La Escalera Records)

For a time back in the ’90s it seemed like the vast majority of skate punk music was coming from California, which always seemed weird considering from the outside it seems like a sun drenched utopia which contrasts the often cynical side of punk culture. It makes perfect sense that Propagandhi hail from the frozen wasteland of Winnipeg, but Caskitt come from the beach lands of San Diego. Still, they manage to express a heavy amount of righteous indignation on their second full length.

With a political edge that leans more toward Anti Flag’s anthemic sloganeering rather than the intellectual discussions set to music that bands like Propagandhi create, Caskitt are committed to tackling issues in a catchy way. The title track is a great throwback, with prominent bass riffs and gang vocals aplenty. Standout track, “Devil in the Moonlight,” throws a little Batman into the discussion of morality.

Their particular brand of technical skate punk is very reminiscent of Belvedere, with the occasional dose of Chris Hannah-like vocals. They play fast and loud, with plenty of guitar noodling to keep things interesting. For the most part, they stay true to the skate punk genre, which isn’t known for its boundless creativity. But they do it well, which is all that matters.

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