Put simply, Psychosis is the best thing anyone related to Sepultura has released since Chaos A.D., and I say that as someone who quite enjoyed Machine Messiah. That’s not a slight to Max Cavalera’s post-Sepultura work; Soulfly certainly has had its great moments, and his work with his brother in Cavalera Conspiracy has been quite great. Honestly, Max (and the gents in Sepultura) have forgotten more about metal than I’ll ever learn. However, Psychosis is the first time that Max has created an album that truly felt alive and visceral since Roots.

Cavalera Conspiracy’s latest delves deep into what made Sepultura’s early work so damn great: a groove-oriented spin on thrash, death, and even black metal (seriously, “Judas Pariah” is incredible). Psychosis is maddeningly fun and surprisingly cohesive in its ability to revive the Cavalera brothers’ past greatness. It’s a record where Max’s frenetic fret work masterfully blends with Igor’s wild work behind the kit. Sure, there are some tribal elements that weave their way into things (more often in the second half of the album), but they are limited to the fringes, rather than serving as integral parts of the songs. The mood-setting title track really is the only part of this lean and mean riff machine that feels disappointing. No, despite a very Roots-ian album cover, this is probably as close as we’ll ever get to an Arise Part II, and, oh boy, is this a blast.

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