Chameleon Technology
Blank Canvas EP

Chameleon Technology is a one man project with vocals, guitar, bass and drums being handled by Max Histrionic, who has been doing his own thing since 2009. It’s a five song EP of punk rock that when performed live, high-quality audio of real bass and drums are synced with live action video of Histrionic performing both instruments and are then projected next to him playing guitar and singing live.

The EP is a great blast of power tracks that assault your ears as soon as you hit play and don’t let up until the last note has ended. Opener “No Safe Word” kicks things off with a destructive explosion of raw energy and decibels ripping your head off. The ripped throat vocals and the pure speed of this basically hardcore song make for a great beginning. “Serin’s Vending” reminds me a bit of old Flipper and has a nice blend of the screamed and smooth vocals, as well as giving your ears more candy to ingest. As the album goes along, it becomes a bit more metal, but not in a bad way at all, kind of like when bands got the blending of the genres right. By the time last song “Blank Canvas” comes on, the chugging guitars and the edgy vocals mix together to create a song that sticks in your ears, and gets your blood pumping. The production is a bit raw, but not messy or sloppy, just giving it the bite that makes it sound all the better.

This reminds me of how bands used to do things, DIY and balls out rocking. Grab this one, crank it up and scream along.

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