When legendary Austin noise rockers, Cherubs came back with their first album (2 Ynfynyty) in nearly 20 years in 2014, nobody knew what to expect. It was their first full length since their class Heroin Man album in 1994. Would they still have it? Well, those who listened to 2 Ynfynyty, found a band still at the top of their game, showing no signs of rust. It was quite the reintroduction to the band.
Well, now it’s five years later, and the band’s follow up, Immaculada High, is out on new label Relapse, and if anything it proves their comeback was no fluke, because this album is every bit as good as its predecessor proving the band definitely still has it.
And what is this “it”?
Well, Cherubs play grimy, loose limbed noise rock, that touches on indie rock and isn’t afraid to get psychedelic at times (think fellow Austin legends Butthole Surfers). The sounds Kevin Whitley coaxes from his guitar are corrosive, while bassist Owen McMahon and drummer Brent Prager, pound out an a primal beat behind him. Their sounds is distinctly theirs, and it’s quite excellent.
So, Immaculada High is another banger from the band, that should appeal to fans of noise rock and those who like the heavier, grimier sides of indie rock (you know like it used to be). Who says you can’t go home again?

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