Chrome Division, the rock/metal band from Norway, is releasing their fifth and final album entitled One Last Ride through Nuclear Blast Records on November 16.

One Last Ride is a cross between 80s rock ‘n’ roll and heavy metal as the band incorporate climatic pre-choruses, sweet riffs, and raspy vocals from lead singer Eddie Guz. Chrome Division’s record reminds me of acts like Supersuckers and bigger bands like Metallica and Judas Priest.

The making of their final record wasn’t like their previous experiences, explains Shagrath, also of Dimmu Borgir fame. 

“We had this collection of songs for quite a long period of time, but Shady Blue, our previous singer, decided to part ways, and for a time we weren’t sure what to do. Should we continue or not? Eddie was very eager to get back, and he started to write lyrics for the new album. And the concept of the album is about burying the product after five records.”

Chrome Division take a different approach to the music on this record as well. Track three, “Walk Away in Shame,” is upbeat and even includes vocals from pop singer Misssela. It is one of the few songs that caught my attention; it’s catchy, different, and yet, still holds true to their original sound.

Skip to Track eight, “Staying Until The End”, which starts off with a slow intro and leads to a catchy bridge that makes you want to sing along. There is also a sweet guitar solo that you will hear mid-way into the song.

Track nine, “This One Is Wild,” is another favorite of mine. A heavy, rock ‘n’ roll sound from front to back. You will fall deep into the heavy guitar riffs and smooth solos. 

Purchase the album here. 

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