The Chuck Norris Experiment
Chück Me
(Transubstans Records)

The Chuck Norris Experiment (or CNE for short) is not a codeword for some sort of scorched earth military operation or the name of a satirical comedy troupe; they’re a band… to set the record straight. Hailing from Gothenburg, these guys have been players in the Scandinavian hard rock scene since 2004 in part to the punk rock ferocity that rounds out their attack and a high energy and intense stage show they’ve brought all over Europe and into the United States. Their newest album, Chück Me, is their ninth studio release and follow-up to the explosive Right Between The Eyes, which happened to be so well received, it charted in the top 30 of Sverigettopplistan [Sweden’s national music chart] upon release in 2014. Not bad and that’s a grind to follow up with and Chück Me comes close to that threshold with eleven tracks that infuse throwback influences of punk and sleaze rock.

It doesn’t have the production that Right Between The Eyes had but the songwriting hasn’t waned a bit with the first three tracks off the record being your basic punk rock three chord structure. However once “Outta Your Head” begins, the realization that these guys could very well pass for an Accept tribute act along with an original band as vocalist Chuck Ransom comes dangerously close to sounding like Udo Dirkschneider [Accept vocalist]. The stand out tracks on this release would have to be the aural blitzkrieg that “Bad Hombres” and “Sticking To My Guns” encapsulates with breakneck speed riffing of dual guitarists Chuck The Ripper & Chuck Rooster and blasting drum patterns of Chuck Buzz (who also drummed for Swedish death metallers Ceremonial Oath). Not leaving anyone out, their bassist Chuck Dakota holds it down well too! Given the testosterone those last two tracks carry, they do have a soft side and express it with the ballads “Long Way Back” and concluding piece “Bastards.” The rest of the album rounds out pretty well and harks back to the days when groups like Adam West, The Peepshows, and The Hydromatics were active and throwing down regularly, maybe it’s this type of rock is starting to make some sort of comeback?

To close, Union Carbide Productions weren’t the only ones who came from Sweden and rocked ass; these guys do it pretty well and if you haven’t recognized that yet, now’s the time.

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